Welcome to the Premier Soccer Club tryout registration page for the 2017/2018 season.

Tyouts will be held at the athletic fields in the back of the property located at Notre Dame Prep School

815 Hampton Lane Towson, Maryland 21286

Instructions and reminders for registering your player...

Welcome to a new season of Premier Soccer and welcome to the registration process.  Please fill in the information to the fullest and submit. REMINDERs-

1.  Returning players and registrants-You must use the same login you used last year to make things easier.  If you can't remember your password, there is a link to fix that.  Once in, you will see how easy it is to register again this year.

2.  New and Returning registrants-You MUST right down and remember your exact information you sign in with because that will be needed when it is time to accept your players invitation to the club and to sign in from this point forward.  We look forward to a great tryout and season with you and the Premier Soccer Club!

3.  You are not finished your registration until you keep clicking until the very end where you have to click Finish and Submit.  You didn't do something correctly if you don't receive an almost immediate confirmation email that your registration was received.

You can register your player by going directly to our registration page or click TRYOUTS- HERE

For teams interested in leaving your club or rec program, please contact the Director of Coaching for your group.